So what they say is absolutely right that everything doesn’t suit on everyone, so no matter how much Salma Hayek was looking hot in Desperado wearing that skirt; if one doesn’t have the body like Salma Hayek she won’t look as stunning ( no offense) but this is how we all are different. Here if we talk about all the beautiful ladies out there, one thing which all the females must understand first is their body types and body shapes accurately. There is no need to wear stuff which doesn’t suit your body, instead wear something which can attract your partner even more. We also offer bucks party in Gold coast.

Yes! He really wants to see his partner (girlfriend, wife or companion) naked or in a teasing attire like lingerie. Lingerie which sounds cool but if selected carelessly can really kill the game in bedroom, when he is all ready to have fun with his partner in the bed and suddenly she comes wearing a misfit or inappropriate lingerie; bang game killed a big turn off! First thing for all the ladies try not to misunderstand lingerie with undergarments both are two different things totally. So here we will consider some good kinds of lingerie which may suit on almost every body type let’s roll: 

Garter belt: wearing stockings can be a hassle in the bedroom (but it looks hot) so if one wants to seduce her partner in the bedroom wear stockings and buy garter belt lingerie, which is bra and panties attaches with a hot cloth which will cover the waist but still belly button and part below boobs will still be visible. Enticing and tempting and can hold stockings casually without any hassle. 

Camisoles: the most common and convenient reason it will cover the top of the body but bikini will still be visible, so if one has some extra fat on the belly try to adapt this one and wear a nice netted panty to kill it completely. 

Matching sets: this suits to almost every lean body (without make them look abnormally thin) it looks like a simple bra and panty with a minute change bra is a little extended below boobs. And matching panties will rock the overall experience of seduction. 

Bustiers: those ladies who are touchy about their boobs size try to adapt this type of lingerie, as it automatically give a push up look and will made the boobs look upright and busty. So for guys who wants to see their babes in a horny look gift them this valentines a bustries, satisfy all the desires and enjoy. 

Nightgowns: although many don’t consider it as lingerie but it’s still the most commonly used item in lingerie wear, its bra and thin panty covered with a light shaded gown which will create a wild tease for the male partner. Suitable for all body types. For more information, please log on to