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Imagine a country where humans are less and cows are more? Yes that’s right New Zealand a country where everyone wants to live, unemployment rate and corruption rate are zero; imagined as the most feasible and great country for female escorting. Moreover this country has been labelled as the safest country for sex workers, generically for any profession we try to cater the largest city or country (means large city must have good and better opportunities). It is the only profession for which one has to be very careful (especially while selecting the country) because countries where sex jobs are illegal (they seriously have zero tolerance in this regard). There are some Ostriches who thinks that it doesn’t exist or may be in there country prostitution is a myth (they are absolutely wrong) because less or more this job is present in every country that’s why it is called the most lucrative field to earn and a lucrative investment for profit. Check this website to find out more details.